Riviera Tennis employs a sports strategy which incorporates both the physical and mental dimensions. 

It is vital that all athletes and those who are pursuing a professional or personal goal have a healthy body and mind and are in good physical shape. And so, with this in mind, we offer you support in the form of personalised physical coaching. Our coaching principles are based on the “Corps Intégral” method.

The "Corps Intégral" method:


The system is the fruit of Mr Goupil’s reflections and experience. He realised that a large number of athletes were underperforming, in spite of the fact that they had genuine ability. They had power and drive but lacked coordination, fluidity and flexibility in their play. In short, they were not feeling their body. And it was from this premise that the method developed.

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Defining features

We start by studying the individual, so we can plan a teaching and coaching strategy which enables him/her to develop his/her physical and mental capacities within a sports or personal development plan. To do this, we draw on the experience we have acquired from using our methods with both top-level athletes and those looking to improve their state of wellbeing. Many of our exercises are the result of research conducted in the Western world in the areas of athletic pursuits and individual and team sports. This is complemented by work done in the Far East in disciplines such as qi qong, yoga, etc...

It is this synergy which enables us to develop a supple, strong, coordinated and, above all, fluid body. Our bodies are all unique, as are our life paths. "Corps Intégral” is suitable for developing physical capacities per se and also for improving the body’s ability to adapt in everyday situations. The method gives us greater balance and strength to cope with the hectic demands of the frenzied world in which we live. By going back to the inner self and laying new foundations, we can make progress in terms of our own personal goals.

Our team

Our coaches come from a variety of different backgrounds: former sports professionals, such as Cédric Goupil who devised this holistic vision; fitness coaches, for example Jean Sangés, who have worked with elite athletes; yoga teachers such as Lola Mallein; martial arts instructors, etc...

We all share the same holistic vision of the body and the same drive to guide you towards your goal. We all have a wealth of coaching experience.